If you are reading this then well done in taking the steps needed to make contact with a therapist you feel may be right for you. It can take great courage to reach out. You may feel ready now because you have reached the point where your concerns are affecting your day to day functioning. It may not feel the right time, but you instinctively know that there are feelings and issues you need to explore freely with someone who can help you see your patterns and blockages clearly. You may feel a sense feeling anxious, disconnected, depressed, lacking confidence or feeling unable to move forward.  Connecting and sharing in a safe and secure space can be transformative and with time and understanding there is great potential for release and the ability to live from a place of peace and fulfilment.



My name is Wayne. I offer a private independent counselling service for adults.

I have a particular interest in people, the mind, emotions and behaviours. I consider myself to be kind and empathetic. As a child I was very sensitive to the world around me. As I attempted to negotiate the complexities of my family life, I increasingly looked to psychology and self-help techniques to support myself and my own psychological wellbeing.

I find it interesting how we often inherit family patterns or narratives as children and take on particular roles in order to negotiate the landscape of our childhood experiences. We may then continue with these familiar but often dysfunctional and unhelpful patterns into our adult lives.  Read more…