About Me

My name is Wayne. I offer a private independent counselling service for adults and children based here in Lincoln.

I have a particular interest in people, the mind, emotions and behaviours. I consider myself to be kind and empathetic. As a child I was very sensitive to the world around me. As I attempted to negotiate the complexities of my family life, I increasingly looked to psychology and self-help techniques to support myself and my own psychological wellbeing.

I find it interesting how we often inherit family patterns or narratives as children and take on particular roles in order to negotiate the landscape of our childhood experiences. We may then continue with these familiar but often dysfunctional and unhelpful patterns into our adult lives.

This curiosity led me to formally train to be a counsellor although I have been supporting the most vulnerable people in society across all age groups including children and adults with complex needs. I have used music and sound therapeutically to facilitate communication and expression.

I am a registered member of the BACP, I work safely and meet the standards of the Professional Body BACP as a competent, ethical and Independent Counsellor and Psychotherapist through continued clinical supervision and professional development attending courses, workshops, events, and research. I have worked with adults, children and young people in a range of settings. Previously I have worked for Lindum Counselling Service) and CASY (Counselling and Support for Young People)



  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling Skills (Distinction)
  • Advanced Counselling skills Certificate 
  • Counselling Children and Adolescents Diploma (Distinction)
  • PGCert Music and Special Needs

 Currently studying: The Advanced Certificate in Transpersonal Awareness Psychology

CPD Courses:

  • Certificate in Safeguarding young people
  • Managing Aggression with Joshua Chandler
  • Level 5 Personal Development Course (72 hrs)
  • Trauma PTSD Rewind Course
  • Process group therapy
  • Working with Autism with Anne Crosby


I implement a number of Psychological Therapies from a person centred approach, this has developed through my extensive learning of integrative counselling skills.

This gives me the ability to draw on many counselling modalities including Psychotherapy to work holistically with clients. This ensures that together we are able to find out what the “right “kind of therapy looks like for you. You should not be defined by your particular issue, concern or problem as each person will experience them in an entirely unique way.

There is no prescribed set of problems you need to be facing to benefit from counselling. I will be interested and responsive to you as an individual and if you feel that exploring your emotions or difficulties would be beneficial then counselling may well be invaluable.

I will provide a warm, safe non-judgemental, confidential space to support the right conditions for our therapeutic relationship to develop.

In creating this environment, I will give you the opportunity to talk about everything that is important to you, whatever may arise. This may often be different to what on the surface appears to be the issue or it may be very clear as to which area you wish to explore.  I will not offer advice or to make judgements about you or what you say although I may invite you to explore self judgement, your emotions and perceptions. I am present, in the moment to listen to you, not only in terms of the words that are used but often in the way they are said and in what is not said. I will try to understand your feelings and thoughts in how you experience your situation and inner world.

I always find it a unique and privileged experience to be present with someone as the therapeutic journey unfolds, using non-judgemental awareness and empathy to support you as you reveal and reflect on your concern. I provide a safe and relaxing space environmentally and emotionally to allow you to feel heard, perhaps for the very first time. This therapeutic relationship provides the conditions for change, growth and insight.