Counselling has emerged and is becoming a much more natural and accepted means of coping with the pressures and values of modern life for people of all ages and contexts. In this complex world people may appear to be just getting on with life. However, there may be times when do not have the resources to resolve our feelings around a particular life event or emotional response and this may leave us feeling, isolated, depressed, anxious and stuck. 


It is becoming apparent that there is increased awareness of the need for Counselling. Its fundamental premise is about connection, congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard, these qualities seem as crucial as ever to support the pressures of an often disconnected, outer focused society.


The counselling process should in my opinion be dynamic and responsive to the individual. It is paramount for the principals of counselling to continue to influence society, seeing through stereotypes and prejudice and the evolution of the many versions and varieties of what it may mean to be a person. Counselling can create a therapeutic space for individuals to reach their fullest potential despite negative childhood experiences and societies attempts to influence otherwise.