I provide a safe, confidential, relaxed, safe space for you to explore your problems and concerns. This time will be just for you, an opportunity for you to tell your story and be heard in a non judgmental way, with empathy and kindness. Through this therapeutic relationship we will create a unique therapy especially for you. We will work together to uncover and discover what changes you would like to make based on your new understanding.

Teenagers and Young Adults

The pressures of being a teenager do not magically disappear at 18 years old now that you are able to legally drink, vote and get married. You often face a wide range of pressures affecting your mental health.

Young adults can be just as affected by issues around peer pressure, drugs and alcohol use, sex and relationships. You also often face the additional pressures around housing, finances, exams and employment. Some of you will be moving out of home for the first time and others may not do so at all, some will already be living independently and be in full time work. Some may have large networks of friends and family to look to for support, while others may be on their own. Many young people can struggle to face a difficult transition from childhood to adult life as their sense of self and identity develops. face a wide range of pressures affecting their mental health.


Adult counselling sessions will take place at Eastbrook Road.

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